Coffee to your car

Weekday mornings between 7am and 8am.

Order ahead and we bring it to your car in the parking space across the road.

Just whatsapp us! 0835480708

Whatsapp us your order*, with a 10 min heads up.
Park in the parking space (please don’t park illegally) across the road from us and we bring your order to your car.
You can pay later via Snapscan via a link sent on Whatsapp

Selected menu for CTYC

Double shot standard

  • Any regular milky coffee – R24
    • flat white, cappuccino, latte
  • Any large milky coffee – R29
    • flat white, cappuccino, latte
  • Americano regular – R23
  • Americano large – R27
  • Almond milk +R10
  • Cardamom coffee
    • choose any coffee and we will make add some cardamom at no extra cost
  • Coffee + atchar mayo egg sandwich – R45
  • Coffee + devilled egg and bacon sandwich – R50
  • Coffee + Jianbing – R60